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December 12, 2012
Better Salary with more Experience in the Field of Ultrasound

You might have seen diagnostic imaging systems, which works using radiation. However, ultrasound a very safe and painless method of capturing images of body organs and tissues. In this method, the imaging professional or Ultrasound Technician make use of sound waves for capturing images of internal body parts. Ultrasonography is also related to obstetrics. Majority of such technicians get jobs in various hospitals, clinics, or they even opt for private practice. The main job of these technicians is to direct the sound waves of high frequency in the body of the patient and to operate the ultrasound machine for collecting reflected echoes.

High Salary

These technicians are also responsible to take measurements, analyze results and to calculate values as well. Finally, they have to report the findings to the concerned doctor for further diagnosis. There are some fields, where a certification is required to get an entry-level job, but in the field of ultrasound, there is no such necessity. Therefore, those who are thinking about switching their job and who wish to enter the medical field, can take up an entry-level ultrasound job and can secure a good job with better pay.  When it comes to sonographer ultrasound tech salary, it is pretty high.

Hour Rate

Some of the hospitals and healthcare facilities even offer higher hour rates for these technicians. The hour rate can be between 16 to 36 dollars. This is not all, as some of the imaging centers also put forward attractive hour rate of 19 to 36 dollars, which great, especially for beginners in this sector. There is a rise in job opportunities in different fields of medical industry, ultrasound is also one of them, and the lesser requirements make this field even more beneficial. Candidates who are experienced and trained claim a better salary, and if they are ready to relocate to another area, then they can get best hour rates.

Area of Expertise and Experience

Other than the location of the job, the area of expertise is another important factor, which has an impact on the salary offered to such technicians. Candidates having an experience of less than a year can get a salary of 23,125 dollars to 59,053 dollars in the beginning. However, after gaining experience of about one to four years a professional can easily get a salary of 30,133 dollars to 67,633 dollars. This means that even if you take up an entry-level job, you can get more salary with experience.